Using GridSME's eStorm tool, our clients are able to model and quantify battery storage operations and revenue results from wholesale electricity markets. Whether you are developing a standalone storage or generation+storage (e.g., PV+storage) project, eStorm models a storage project using a market-simulated approach whereby the storage project acts as a resource in wholesale energy and ancillary service markets interval-by-interval (i.e., 5MM granularity), just as it will during actual operations. In the eStorm model, the storage resource submits bids based on opportunity cost and state-of-charge (SOC) information known to the storage resource at the time of bidding and without the benefit of hindsight bias. Because eStorm does not incorporate a hindsight bias, it does not require the model’s user to discount storage revenue stream results in the project's financial model, allowing you to maximize project returns and reduce capital costs.
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Market-Based Modeling

  • A summary of annual operations and revenue results by year
  • Annual energy arbitrage revenue broken down by day-ahead market (DAM), fifteen-minute market (FMM), and five-minute market (5MM)
  • Annual ancillary service revenue broken down by Spinning Reserves, Regulation Up, and Regulation Down
  • Detailed battery operation details (e.g., charge, discharge, SOC, number of cycles, and degradation) at the five-minute interval level for the entire forecast period for the standalone-storage or solar+storage system.