Does your organization interact with CAISO?


If so, you may be aware that CAISO is updating its interconnection process and making the Resource Interconnection Management System v5 (“RIMS5”) the sole location for the transmittal of information pertaining to interconnection applications, interconnection studies, meter installation and maintenance projects (that are not Scheduling Quality Meter Data (SQMD) or Distributed Energy Resource Provider (DERP) projects), and New Resource Implementation (NRI) projects.


What does this mean to you?


You will no longer be able to email, mail, or physically deliver to CAISO documents or information related to the project types noted above. The transmittal of those documents will need to be done through RIMS.


When is this change effective?


December 31, 2017


If you aren’t ready for this change, don’t panic. GridSME can help.


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