Grid Subject Matter Experts is excited to announce its new addition to the team, Brett Wangen, as the Vice President of Power System Services. Mr. Wangen’s broad experience in Power System Operations, Engineering, and Information Technology provides the foundation needed for effective leadership within the challenging electric utility industry. At GridSME, Brett is leading a team of technical and project management SME’s, assisting clients across all aspects of grid technology issues, including providing technological design, implementation, and support, while maximizing the operational value of technology.


Prior to joining GridSME, Brett worked for Peak Reliability from 2007 through 2018, most recently in the role of Chief Engineering and Technology Officer and previously as Director of Engineering. Brett led the engineering and IT divisions, guiding Peak’s engineering and technology direction and management, including situational awareness tools, Operations Planning, operations support, real-time advanced applications, NERC Standard compliance support, and Peak’s reliability services.


Brett currently resides in Windsor, Colorado and will telecommute with frequent visits to the GridSME office.


Welcome Brett!